Ramani Yoga Asana & Research Centre

Special child

Special  Child’s Yoga


Our yoga techniques  is designed to enhance the development of children with special needs .Our styles of yoga is gentle and beneficial ,safe for  babies and children with down  syndrome ,cerebral  palsy, microscopically ,autism and other developmental disabilities .These methods  also provide an effective  treatment for children diagnosed with attentions deficit  disorder, attentions deficit  hyperactivity   disorder and learning disabilities .


  1. An integrated series of balance yoga pose to increase body awareness and strength.
  2. Specialized breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to improve concentration.
  3. An early intervention program to assure the health formative development of infants and toddlers and kids.


The Five  Methods  Yoga Techniques

1.Asanas ( Yoga Poses ) 2.Pranayamas (Breathings Techniques ) 3.Kiriyas (Cleansing  Techniques ) 4.Natha yoga ( Music Therapy  Techniques ) 5.Yoga Nidrasa (Proper  Relaxation  Techniques)